Contemporary Hospitality Industry

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| The Contemporary Hospitality Industry | The Contemporary Hospitality Industry (Task 2.1) | | | | Lam Leung Man David | 1/14/2013 | | Contents Abstract 2 Acknowledgment 3 In relation to the current skills gaps, assess the staffing requirements of operational level of the Food and Beverage departments of different hospitality industries (2.1) 4 Skills Gap 4 An example of a JOB DESCRIPTION 4 Analysing the job description 5 Are there skills gap in the Mauritian hospitality? 5 Staffing 5 Importance of staffing 5 Staffing in the Food and Beverage department 6 Staffing in the kitchen 7 Staffing for restaurant front of house 7 The Procedures 8 2.5“The hospitality industry has failed to retain…show more content…
Qualified, efficient and well-motivated staff is the best asset of the organization. Staffing in the Food and Beverage department Below is a typical hierarchy for a small restaurant: Staffing in the kitchen The organizational structure of a kitchen will depend on a number of factors including: * Size and kitchen space available * Quantity of food output (demand) * Number of food outlets to cater * Sophistication and type of menu * Equipment requirement * Location where production is taking place (in kitchen or outsourced) * Service methods (Buffets, plated) Staffing for restaurant front of house The organizational structure for restaurant front of house staff will also depend on a number of factors including: * The type of restaurant (i.e.: fine dining, casual dining, fast food etc.) * The type of food service offered (i.e.: deli-style, buffet-style, fine-dining, etc.) * The number of tables or seats available in the restaurant The Procedures 1. Determine the Critical Positions for the Operation: One should know their concept before determining what positions they will need to fill. For instance, a fine dining restaurant needs a chef and a sous chef, to start. However, a fast-food drive-thru will need a drive-thru order taker and fry-cooks. Additionally, the positions that will have direct contact with customers or guests should be
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