Contemporary Hospitality Management

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MODUL: unit 1 the contemporary hospitality industry unit code: l/601/1788 lecturer: mr olajumoke taiwo

Task-1 1.1 -Analyze the current scale, scope and diversity of the hospitality industry
Radisson is a member of REDIZOR group of hotels with more than 270 hotels worldwide. It is the one of fastest growing chain .Radisson hotel has their own contemporary design so they do not compromise on comfort ,they provide complimentary WI-FI and better seasonal British food and other cultural cuisines with their services that anticipate ,and never assumes an experience that relax and stimulate in equal
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It is important for you to create and keep current candidate profile with your skill experience, and preferences. So they alert you with future opportunities that match your interests. Import profile from third party.

2.2=>Discuss the roles, responsibilities and qualification requirements of hospitality staff.
Ans -There are 900 staff in Radisson blu hotel in UK .there is an explanations of the roles and responsibilities of staff in Radisson blu hotel depend in their departments requirements.
Roles, responsibilities and qualification requirements for hospitality staff in Radisson blu is
Hosts and hostess=>host and hostess to man or women a reception desk, or register guests as they arrive execution provide host and hostess on a daily basis in Radisson blu hotel
Waiting staff=> in Radisson blu hotel they hire high quality, English speaking staff that has an experienced background in customer facing roles. Candidate should qualify in HND in service

Chef (head chef)
Recipe and food creations-in the hotel the executive chef is responsible for all those recipes
And menu planning – he always good meals so that customers will come back. Staffing- he is also hiring the staff for kitchen.
Cooking- Executive Chef some time cook for special occasions
Ordering materials-. The Executive Chef always insures that all material will order on time and
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