Contemporary Information Security Systems And Computer Systems

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According to, almost 15 million Americans have their identity used fraudulently due to information leaks and information insecurities. With the growing dependency on computer systems to store confidential information across the world, it is only necessary that that the information be protected by strong security systems which include both hardware and software so that both the businesses and the consumers feel safe in the transportation of information over the inter-webs. Contemporary Information security systems use many different components involving both hardware and software
Primarily, User Access Control or UAC systems are combinations of identification, authentication, and authorization that helps restrict users to what information they can access in a database system with certain read and write rights. Most of the identification systems operate by using a simple serial ID followed by an identity challenge such as a password (Blanding F. 2004). UAC is the most fundamental access-control technology as without it, there cannot be further information systems.
Within the UAC system, the system administrator designates users rights and accesses which helps develop the “login authentication” aspect. The system administrator is the primary local account that authorized personnel can use to create system logins for users with certain privileges. It most cases, the administrator is only responsible for creating the “username”, often designated as the
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