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Assessment Record form and Marking Grid FdA Hospitality Management |Student Name or WKC Number |Assessment No: |Module Level: |Module Tutor: | | |2 |5 |Linda Waghorn | |Module: |Assessment Method: |Weighting: |Date of submission: | |Management in Organisations |Essay |60% |Please see AR1 on BB | |Length: |2,500 words…show more content…
Use the syllabus as a framework for discussing the various elements of management (functions of management, approaches to management, leadership, motivation, group behaviour, communication, organisational culture, management of change, etc. You must refer throughout you essay to appropriate theories and concepts. You must include referenced examples of workplace practises to support your arguments Structure The essay WILL consist of an introduction, main body, and conclusion. The essay WILL NOT include a Contents page, headings, bullet points or tables and charts.

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