Contemporary Issue in Health and Social Care

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Contemporary Issue in Health and Social Care Contents Introduction Social media has played and has been playing a crucial role in the development of health and social care in United Kingdom (UK). Since the emerge of the health and social care sector, social media has been performing a tremendous role as the health and social care is becoming an industry and without this industry social and economic development of UK would not be possible. This report covers the role of media for the development of health and social care. At the very beginning a snapshot of the role of media on the creation of public concern about health and social care will be discussed with evidence. The ways by which media publishes and considers about the…show more content…
Mass media has a strong liaison and this strong interpersonal relationship with different sources of information results in an unveiling of health and social care related information to the public. Common people are completely influenced by the information provided by the sources. As the sources of information has been introduced in the previous section, it is state worthy that social and health care information has changed the attitudes, thoughts, and behavior of common people. Mass media along with social media make people much more aware about their health and safety issues (Godden, 2014). For example: Before the invention of Facebook, any movement that had to be taken place faced great difficulty. But as Facebook grows and other mass media are getting concerned about the rights of them from the society, any nonviolent movement is taking place without such effort than previously had done (Mcclimens, et al, 2012). People are conscious about various contagious diseases and much more aware about their contribution to the society. They are also focused on their rights from the society. Their contribution to the society and the benefits they are deriving from the society are summed to take them to a balancing position or situation (AJOL, 2014). LO2 Understanding how issues of public concern related to health and social care are presented in the media 2.1 Ways in which media can be used to influence the attitudes and behavior of people in relation to health and

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