Contemporary Issues And Social Factors Affecting Sport, Exercise And Health

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Contemporary issues and social factors affecting sport, exercise and health.
In modern day society, sport, exercise and health industries are considered to be a multi-billion pound industry, and an industry that is constantly growing. The industry has grown to such proportions that during the year 2014, sport in England was participated in at least once a week by 15.6 million people aged 16 or over, an increase of 1.63 million since the Active People Survey began in 2005 (, 2015). This is a far cry from the 19th century, where participation in sport and exercise was almost unheard of and the general consensus was that good health was something that only the wealthy could afford. There are several explanations as to how these transformations have developed, though there are still a large number of underlying issues within sport, exercise and health that need to be addressed. This essay will begin to look in to a number of these concerns, and also the changes that have transpired within the industries over the last two decades.
At the beginning of the 19th century there was a clear rich and poor divide, this was something that not only affected how people lived their lives but also how people acted. **(Coakley, 2015)** The poor would work long hours for very little pay, thus couldn’t participate in social activities and hobbies or afford health care like the rich could, however this started to change once the industrial revolution came into effect. The…
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