Contemporary Issues Of Adolescent Health And Wellbeing

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YEAR 12 HOME ECONOMICS Sugar: the Sweet Poison Contemporary Issues in Adolescent Health & Wellbeing WOOLSTON, Kristina 8/26/2014 Sugar is delicious- it is a fast source of energy and sometimes cheaper than buying healthy foods. But Australian teenagers need to wake up to the fact that they are consuming too much of it, the consequences it is having on their lives. Introduction Sugar tastes good, can be used for baking and is a quick source of energy; however what is the reality of eating sugar? In what way does it affect our bodies and minds to give a short boost of energy? According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, in Australia, 24.9% of adolescents between the ages of five and seventeen are overweight or obese (AustralianInstituteofHealthandWelfare, 2013). As the number of overweight teenagers in Australia continued to rise, researchers looked for a reason for these overwhelming numbers and discovered that Australian teenagers were consuming over 53kg of sugar each year, which is around 29 teaspoons of both natural and added sugar each day (Cowan, 2014). How is sugar digested? Sugar is a Carbohydrate and provides a source of energy in the body. It is the only source of energy for red blood cells and the brain. It is digested quickly and broken down to form glucose and fructose, which is used for energy (My Food Diary, 2014). Fructose,

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