Contemporary Issues Of Health Information Management Essay

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Contemporary issues in health information management are events that are ongoing currently in the health sector. With the widespread computerization of health records paper based are being replaced with electronic health records. Healthcare quality and safety require that the right information be available at the right time to support patient care and decision support health system management decision. Patient records are primarily legal documenting the healthcare service. The following are some of the contemporary issues in health information management: HEALTHCARE FUTURE GOING MOBILE With vendors such as Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, android and Fitbit bringing wearable technologies to market, industry analysts are predicting explosive growth for those devices over the next few years and not just with the consumer. Physicians are seeing the device as a way to better patient care. Wearable sensors have the capability to serve as medical dashboard-helping physician track patient’s vital signs and overall health conditions, using that data to see patterns and warning signs of illness. Yet the question remains: will the use of this technology on a greater scale result in improved health outcome especially on people with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases? While there is very little evidence to date that wearable fitness and health tracking technology alone can change

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