Contemporary Issues Of Hotel Industry Essay

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Contemporary issues in Hotel Industry
Name: Ranveer Singh
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Critique Article 1: Hotel Brand Strategy

1 .Assumption:
Value of branding is considered as an essential marketing strategy component
• Reasoning & evidence :
The hotel industry has firmly braced and accepted the value of branding.
This segment strategy is based on the idea that brand name is part of process of giving tangibility to what is essentially in tang legible. In this regard the brands values is based on potential guests awareness of the brand, there perception of its quality and over all customers satisfaction.
The individual brand name for each hotel concept stands on their own without including the parent company’s name. (O’Neill and Mattila, 2006)
By making a set of promises to customers a brand creates a different identity in hotels.
Hotel guests rely on brand name to reduce the risk with staying at an otherwise unknown property in some a hotel brand represents a relationship with guests.
Finally companies with successful brands benefit in the financial market place by improving the share holder value
According to (Barlow and Stewart, 2004) branding of course deducts from the word "brand" and it describes the actual process of branding a product. Branding has at least three purposes;
1. It should show the customer who the product is.
2. What the product does.
3. Why the customer should care about it.
Branding does not only provide consumers with better knowledge about
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