Contemporary Issues Of Human Resource

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Frank Bentley

Busi642- Contemporary Issues in Human Resource

Liberty University

February 25, 2015

Many managers have great technical skills; their technical capabilities may be the reason why they were promoted into the ranks of management. However, the usefulness of the people side of the business may not be clear to these managers. How could you link coaching to achieving performance goals for these managers? In other words, how can you convince managers of the usefulness of performance coaching? Communication between supervisor and worker is critical to effective performance management. Exactly what is communicated and how it is communicated can determine whether performance improves or declines (Gomez-Mejia, L. R., Balkin, D. B., & Cardy, R. L. 2012, p.243). Coaching is goal focused to develop skills in organizations to achieve better results. Yet in a recent survey conducted by Happening People their managers was not coaching 45% of employees. Successful coaching is an integral part of growing employees and the organization itself. Without it, employees are not given that genuine feedback needed to improve them self, both on a personal and professional level. Some features that HR can take into perspective see that managers are effectively coaching their employees, is that of incorporating coaching to the managerial appraisal evaluation. Including the coaching perspective in the appraisals of managers will…
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