Contemporary Issues Raised For Post Colonial Indigenous

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This Assessment will be my personal reflection and analysis of contemporary issues raised for post-colonial Indigenous Australians through two programs on the National Indigenous Television station (NITV), Living Black and NITV News. I will reflect on how these issues have impacted on the relationships between Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians, and how Indigenous culture impacts 21st century Australia. Through this I will also consider my own feelings and opinions on how these issues are raised and considered.

To begin with, a clarification must be made. Although for the purposes of this assessment I will be using the term Indigenous Australians, it is not the most appropriate term to be using, as the technical definition of indigenous is ‘originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native’ (‘Indigenous’, 1987). The more correct term would be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

The first program I watched, Living Black, was an Indigenous current affairs program highlighting issues affecting Indigenous Australians, in this case addressing the issues of family and identity through a woman who was searching for her birth family (‘Finding Family’, 2016). Family and identity are very important to Indigenous people, as without them you cannot have a sense of who you are and where your place is (Dudgeon, Michael Wright, Yin Paradies, Darren Garvey, & Iain Walker, 2010). This is a post-colonial issue that has stretched into the 21st century,…
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