Contemporary Issues With Hotel Management

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Contemporary issues with hotels

Introduction 1
Task 1: Explicit and implicit assumptions 1
Task 2: Challenges to the assumptions 3
Task 3: Research methodology and the challenge 3
Task 4: Data collection 4
Task 5: Interest of the groups 5
Task 6: Implications of the conclusion 5
Task 7: Impact of the results obtained from the hotel industry 5
Conclusion 6
References 6

The contemporary issues associated with the hotel management system have to be evaluated, as it impacts the performance of the management. There are different types of issues faced by the authorities like the shortage of the labour force, high operational expenses, business expansion plans, and others. Through planning and strategic implementation of different factors at the workplace it is possible to overpower the challenges associated with the operational activities. This report analyse the explicit and implicit issues faced by the hotel management for expanding the business to different areas. It is essential to develop and implement effective strategies through which the business requirements can be handled in an effective manner. This would help the management to overpower the complex situation and introduce the best policies through which the performance of the hotel can be improved (Erdem et al., 2006).
Task 1: Explicit and implicit assumptions
The explicit and implicit assumptions are related to the hotel business expansion, which forms a part of
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