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I have chosen the definition of partnerships of 2008, guide to successful Corporate-NGO Partnerships. GEMI, and EDF. This reference was very useful on the terms of how I found relative information about the strengths of partnerships put this in to my part of the presentation, because the information showed a lot information relating to how partnerships work. I have chosen and on my definition on how comparing information about what Cool Earth and Uniliever will do to help each other out. I put this information, I collected within my part of the presentation as there were lists of ways they both can help each other out. It is important to understand what Cool Earth is and how and it functions. Cool Earth is an NGO, otherwise known as a nongovernmental organisation. Like other NGOs, it engages in social and environmental causes in the spirit of charity and typically does not look for profits when it begins projects. Cool Earth strives to protect threatened rain-forests around the world by supporting indigenous communities whose life is based around a particular rain-forests. It provides funding for basic amenities such as schools and clinics with a belief that if the communities are well off then the risk of illegal logging is reduced as people have the livelihoods to maintain themselves without illegally cutting down trees. Other aspects that it helps in are by training people in conservation techniques and also influencing large corporations to be
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