Contemporary Issues in Financial Management

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Contemporary Issues in Financial Management Table of Contents Introduction: 3 Contemporary financial management issues: 3 Mergers and acquisitions: 4 Leveraged buyout: 4 Hostile Takeover: 5 Global outsourcing: 5 Corporate governance: 5 Selected contemporary issue: 6 Company Background: 7 Financial strategy: 8 Impacts of acquisition on ethical issues: 9 Financial situation prior to acquisition: 10 Financial situation after the acquisition: 10 Successful management of Acquisition: 11 Conclusion: 12 References: 14 Introduction: The finance and corporate management requires a strong hold of business processes approach towards handling certain transactions related to Multinational mergers and acquisitions. The melting economic conditions of global economy have created a significant issue of leveraged buyout requiring the diligent assessment of assets and available collateral of the seller. Additionally the large businesses often make hostile attempts to takeover these are also related to the managerial and financial skills. Furthermore the phenomenon of global outsourcing is considered to reduce cost and increase business performance. Corporate governance is considered a high level management task to incorporate risks and protect shareholders benefits throughout business practices. All these factors stated above require diligent planning and expertise. The global nature of operations requires hands on approach for managers and corporate
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