Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting

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Indeed it is possible to argue that the British academic accounting professoriate has played an extremely important role in mediating between the profession and the state, both bringing knowledge to bear on policy issues and providing a cadre of people who can operate effectively in this policy sphere. Michael Bromwich has certainly contributed in this way, advising accounting and competition regulators on complex issues and providing his own intellectual authority to the office of President of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. One senses, however, that the British academic accounting community may be less able to fulfil these roles in the coming years. In part this reflects a more general decline in the academic world as falling relative salaries and status have reduced the intake of talented academic entrepreneurs. But I also think it reflects the cumulative impact of regulatory and careerist pressures in the academic world itself. With government agencies pressing for ever more standardized and conventional research and with increasingly instrumental careerist vi FOREWORD behaviour by academics, there are fewer incentives to bridge the academic and practical spheres. No doubt this is also exaggerated by an increasingly less curious professional world. The intellectually curious Technical Partners of the past have been
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