Contemporary Issues in Management

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Q. Referring to material from the unit, critically evaluate how the passage relates to issues concerning the business activities of MNCs and the concept of ethical leadership. Having examined Machiavelli’s passage from the ‘prince’ I believe it may be applied within the field of change management. It is important that the ‘prince’ may be used as a metaphor for an individual or an organisation. The passage focuses on the effective management of change when merging into a new global market. Drawing attention to the importance of support held by the stakeholders in regards to organisational success. Further emphasis is placed on the effects negative support can potentially have. With organisations struggling to survive in a…show more content…
These reasons may be seen as a countries ‘expectations’ when attracting the MNC’s foreign investment and over the last 30 years have proved to be a dominant contributor to the growth of developing countries (Jajri, 2009). Zekos (2004) believes there are three main factors that push global economic growth. These are an improvement in technology regarding communication and transportation, individual taste has favoured taking advantage of declining costs and increasing economic integration and public policies influencing the pace of economic integration. With a global market, cultural homogenisation is free to happen whereby popular brands are made universally desired (Hollensen, 2010). Machiavelli’s passage suggests change as being fast, one possible reason for this is the development of a global telecommunications infrastructure, allowing organisations to do business from all over the globe, quickly opening up new markets and allowing growth that wouldn’t have previously been possible. As well as an advance in communication, the transportation sector is continuously improving to keep up with increasing pressure. Often referred to as an enabling factor but not the cause of international trade, transportation is a mean which globalization could not happen without (Rodrigue, 2007). International trade is reframed by cargo space; however with the speed and size of cargo ships
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