Contemporary Issues in Strategic Marketing

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Module Name: contemporary issues in strategic marketing

Module Number: 9th

Assignment Title: case study on Nims aparel

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The most important part of the report was the control process, here I have suggest some control techniques to make the business more effective and developed contingency plans to come out successfully if any unpredicted or incident happen in the internal or external environment.

2. Current situation and trends:

2.1: Industry analysis: (5force model) For the purpose of industry analysis we have used the porters Five-force model, the result of analysis is attached in the appendix. 2.1.1: Industry competition: The out comes of five force model are, the first quadrant of the model indicates That many local and international competitors competing in the competitive arena, it means that the competition in the market place is extensive. Nims apparel also competing in the same market pretty, with its most famous local brand double bull. The market extensive competitive all local and international brands competing with each other by using different marketing promotional activities, the only one core source of promoting products is advertising and public relation. Where all brands fighting for ad placement at front page of well known local news paper’s and other media sources, but Nims apparel is much famous for its promotional activities where they are using public relation in conjunction with
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