Contemporary Landscape Of Crime, Order And Control : Governance, Risk And Globalization Essay

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The article under review is “Contemporary Landscape of Crime, Order and control: Governance, Risk and Globalization”. The article is coauthored by two esteemed individuals with a solid background in related studies these individuals are Ian Loader and Richards Sparks. According to the introductory portion of the article, the authors intend to use the article to highlight and discuss the pertinent and imminent changes in the landscape of criminology around the world with respect to the early twenty first century. Authors’ thesis statement alludes that changes in the landscape of crime, order and control will automatically warrant a proportional change in criminology as a field. This relationship is based on the fact that the two entities are directly related to each other such that a minor shift in one entity will inadvertently cause a minor shift in the parameters of the other entity . The authors sought to advance their arguments about the topic using three clear aspects of criminology that are governance, risk and globalization. The authors discuss each subheading at length and draw several examples from the immediate environment and supported by several other credible sources listed at the end of the document. This article, in contextual terms, seems to address the seemingly ever shifting components of criminology as a subject in relation to the modern trends and societal changes. The authors question whether the modern sovereign state is capable of
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