Contemporary Leadership Style, Do You Have What It Takes Essay

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Principles of Management
Unit 4 Assignment
Chapter 14
October 27, 2012
Unit 4 Assignment
After watching the Camp Bow Wow video (approximately 10 minutes) answer the following questions:
1. Does Camp Bow Wow CEO Heidi Ganahl possess qualities associated with contemporary leadership? Explain.
The concept of contemporary leader ship is the ability to evolve as the needs of the organization change. A contemporary leader has a fierce resolve to do what is best for the company. The contemporary leader accepts responsibility for mistakes, for example Heidi Ganahl, tried to start two other businesses before she finally opened the dog park. She clearly takes responsibility for her mistakes and gives the reason that she did not have a
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The planning and goal setting for the future provide motivation to move forward to gain success. In Heidi’s case she is very clear about what direction she wants her business go. The policy concerning the commitment, follow-through, and execution of that vision is specific. She provides the planning and motivation for the team and gives milestones that she expects to be met along the way.
Charismatic leaders have strong, confident, dynamic personalities that attract followers which enables them to form strong bonds and relationships. The charismatic leader can motivate others to commit and work harder to make the business successful. The ethical charismatics are open to suggestions and are willing to do what it takes.
The owner Sue says that the passion and excitement that she sees in Heidi gets her excited and motivated to do well also. She has an open door policy and she lets them communicate their ideas, with the understanding that what is best for the animals and the business has to come first. The franchisee Sue describes Heidi as a strong business woman with a personal approach to her business. Heidi has succeeded in getting her team to be supportive and committed to the company. They can see that accepting the purpose and vision that good things will happen. The whole team is satisfied, committed, and strives to do their best to make the business a success.
3. Where does Heidi
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