Contemporary Management And Employee Employer

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Contemporary Management with regard to The Ideas of Fredrick W. Taylor: An Evaluation by Locke.
Robert Plant once said that “The past is a stepping stone, not a millstone”, implicating that without the past, management would not be where it is now. The Ideas of Fredrick W. Taylor: An Evaluation by Locke (1982) has helped the understanding of contemporary management functions and the employer-employer relationship- because the past has evolved and progressed throughout time until we have what is known as contemporary management and employee-employer relations. Management theories and employee-employer relations have been expanded from Taylor Frederick’s scientific theory into multiple theories and strategies including contemporary
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(Olum, Y. 2004). Locke (1982) had the understanding of how Frederick Taylor helped the development of the four management functions and towards the development of employee-employer relations in contemporary management.
Morden management has developed management functions and theories with contributed of Frederick Taylor’s scientific management theory. Many particulars of Taylor’s scientific management theory are still in use and has been developed in contemporary management such as task setting, time and motion study, specialisation, “assembly line production practices, job analysis, work design, incentive schemes, person-job fit, and production quotas and control.” (Giannantonio, C.M. and Hurley- Hanson, 2011 p.). The technique of task setting was advocated by Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory- designed to be that “each worker be assigned a specific amount of work, of a certain quality, each day” (Locke 1982). Task setting in modern management allows for the efficient planning and organisation of limited resources, for example in management by objections, goal setting and feedback systems. Assembly line production practices is a large part of production in large scale industries; allowing for lowered costs and quicker production. Taylor’s method for shorter hours and breaks are still in effect today, most commonly a
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