Contemporary Management

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IRHR1001- Essay The Primary Article is: Carroll, S. and Gillen, D. (1987) Are the Classical Management Functions Useful in Describing Managerial Work? Academy of Management Review 12(1), pp. 38-51. The essay will endeavor to provide an insight into how Fayol’s basic principles of Classical Management Functions are indeed useful in describing managerial work. In the last (20th) century, the role of managers in business becomes more diverse as the number of tasks in which businesses were involved in significantly grew in quantity and complexity. As a result there was an increased interest in the most effective and efficient method of management. This led to the development of different management theories, which included classical…show more content…
Having noted this, the primary article also acknowledges that the highlighted functions may need to be expanded as different managers have different goals to achieve which might require them to use some additional functions. This is an idea that is supported in the article ‘Successful VS. Effective Real Managers’ which goes into detail about how the differences in goals to be achieved separates successful managers from effective managers and how their approach, in terms of management functions, is different. Effective managers tend to focus on the basic classical management functions as this is makes it easier, because they find that the less the steps they have to carry out the better they are able to manage them. Having said all this one could argue that the article and readings agree that Classical Management Functions are useful in describing managerial work as they all suggest that managerial work can be based through the principles of Planning, Controlling, Commanding and coordinating (Fayol’s principles of Classical Management Functions). Thanks to the nature of and change in which businesses operate, it is essential for management functions to expand and adapt to meet these changes. Even these changes are based on Fayol’s core principles. In 2011 Motorola was chosen as the most successful business in its industry in Malaysia. This came as a result of their ability to allow flexibility in their management
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