Contemporary Nursing Theories

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Contemporary Nursing Theories NUR513/Theoretical Foundation of Practice June 4, 2012 Lisa Ousley Contemporary Nursing Theories Introduction Nursing is a profession that employs the use of the combination of physical science, social science, nursing theory, and technology in the provision of care to others (Sigma Theta Tau International). Nursing theories serve as the groundwork for the practice of the profession. It guides every nurse on how to do things effectively and competently. This paper endeavors to give emphasis on contemporary nursing theories specifically focusing on a variety of aspects, such as definitions, concept statements, metaparadigms, philosophies, and conceptual models. Moreover, this paper also aims to…show more content…
7). In these two definitions of man, it is evident that man as described in the adaptation theory portrays the different dimensions of a man whereas man in the self-care theory is depicted in general. Health Health is the product of practices that people have learned to carry out on their own behalf to maintain life and well-being as stressed in the self-care theory by Dorothea Orem (Timby, 2009, p. 7). Conversely, Health is defined as the person's capability to respond appropriately to changes in the environment (Timby, 2009). It is apparent that the two aforementioned theories defined health in varied ways; self-care theory views health as a product of individuals' practices whereas adaptation theory deems that health is based on the person's inner ability. Environment The environment as stressed in Orem's self-care theory comprises of elements with which man interacts within an attempt to maintain self-care (Timby, 2009, p. 7). On the other hand, in Roy's adaptation theory, the environment denotes the internal and external forces in a continual state of change (Timby, 2009). The definitions of environment stressed in the theories is somehow related, for it portrays the environment as consisting of elements or forces that man interacts with, and such relationship will determine its effect to the individual if modifications may transpire. Nursing As highlighted in Orem's self-care theory, Nursing is “a human service that
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