Contemporary Outlaws : Today 's Modern Outlaws

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Brandon Plascencia Professor Carrie Morrow English 205 30 November 2014 Contemporary Outlaws Today’s modern outlaws are closely similar to the outlaws in western movies. They take from the powerful groups in the community and give to the needy. Today’s outlaws are following in the similar steps but, in a digital world. The digital world is now the modern Wild West because it’s a new frontier that keeps growing without control, and laws are still being set in place so everyone online is free to do as they wish until a law has been set in place. The modern outlaws I will be writing about are Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and the hacker group of Anonymous. Each out law has provide some type of service or information to the public that was secret and important to the world community, but was being withheld from the public eye because of powerful people and entities. By releasing this information the outlaws knew of the consequences this would bring to their lives. With today’s technology you can’t hide or run away, everything is tracked unless you know how to hide your steps. But for the most part the powerful governments are able to track down the outlaws. Today’s outlaws must be ready fight not just a digital or information battle but a legal battle as well. Today’s outlaws don’t have any empty fields to run off to any more, the closest thing to an open field is a 3rd world country or an enemy of the government of who they are fighting. The globe is the new open field and
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