Contemporary Perspectives On Human Sexuality Essay

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There are various perspective on human sexuality. As seen throughout time, human sexuality has taken several routes and has brought about a different perspective and beliefs on human sexuality. This difference is associated with the consequences man received during the Fall. The definition of authentic sexuality is viewed in several ways through a spectrum that includes theological perspective and contemporary society’s perspective. These perspective have affected one’s current perspective and beliefs that are perverted. It has veered from God’s original intention on authentic human sexuality, which is described in several books of the Bible. Since there is a difference in understanding and view on human sexuality, it has affected one’s daily life, and especially Christian professionals, who are in the psychology and counseling field.
The word “authentic” is often defined as something that is real and genuine. An authentic view of sexuality should be in accordance to God’s view on sexuality. God reiterates in several sections of the Bible that humans are beautifully and wonderfully made in His image (Psalms 139:14, ESV). Humans have been created in God’s image. When one is able to recognize that we, humans, are created in God’s image, viewing sexuality in everyday life is seen through God’s lenses. Viewing in God’s perspective governs one’s beliefs or self and others, and also the view on marriage, love, and even sex. Therefore, authentic sexuality brings the “authenticity

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