Contemporary Stressors of Adolescence

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Contemporary stressors Adolescent stress is an important part of their lives and it is important for it to be monitored regularly in order for them to feel the benefit of learning important stress management skills. About 39% of the adolescents undergo depression at one point or another and they seem to handle their problems in a way that is constructive. This stress and depression ranges from mild to severe with the young people often relying on negative or passive behaviors in their attempts to deal effectively with their problems. Stress is usually characterized by frustration, sadness, worry, tension and withdrawal. There are many reasons that lead to stress in adolescents and younger people. Various studies have been conducted to determine the causes of stress among adolescents. The A study that was conducted in the state of Minnesota provided information about the prevalence of stress and depression in adolescents. It was found that one of the stressful events in the adolescents' lives is school work. This is concurrent with the results of a study on stress and coping which was conducted among adolescents in East Baltimore and it was found that school work is the most significant stressor. The second most important stressor in the lives of adolescents is parents and the third is romantic relationships. The fourth most important stressor is friends' problems. The fifth most important stressor is younger siblings. In the study of Minnesota adolescents, it was found
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