Contemporary Teaching Methods: Mathematics

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Introduction Owing to the rapid changes and emerging trends in the current society, it becomes important for stakeholders to alter the pedagogy in certain subjects so that it reflects the current needs of the existing learners. The current society has different challenges as compared to the earlier societies. In the past years, people concentrated on discovering new ventures because the world was still in a cradle state. There were more areas for people to carry adventures and find out new ways of handling issues. The indication here is that during such days people concentrated on building some body of knowledge. There was more concentration towards the development of a certain form of thinking so that people could perceive issues within…show more content…
This is because a child interacts with his immediate environment before the onset of any form of formal schooling. These external experiences form the strength of a student in the learning experience. For example, if a teacher is teaching ratios there are those students that have experiences with workers in their farms and other shave experience of workers in industries. The teacher will allow each student to use his own life experience. Students tend to be happy when they get a chance to use their own personal experiences in a learning situation. This is because in such a case the student gets a chance to easily remember his immediate experiences and be able to manipulate these experiences to suit the concept at hand. The ability to manipulate concepts such as ratios and rates in mathematics is important because it makes the child to be creative. Suitability of the constructivism theory to teaching of mathematics The use of constructivism in the teaching of mathematics is an ideal approach in making the subject to remain relevant to the society. Traditionally, mathematics has been associated with the ability of an individual to handle numerals. Considering that there have been major developments in the learning of mathematics, and that learners tend to get exposed to numeracy skills at younger stage, it should not signify the end of mathematics. It is important for the stakeholders to devise means that will
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