Contemporary Warfare in the New Guinea Highlands

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New Guinea highlanders can go to war with each other to avenge ghosts or to exct revenge for the killing of one of their one. As we have to seen from other reports, or lessens we have discussed, people don't seen to comprehend the complex interrelationship among the various parts of their own social system. The leaders of Papua New Guinea see intertribal fighting as a major social problem with severe economic consequences. Although fighting is not new to them, warfare seems to re-emerge in 1970s with a new set of causes. It is believed that the introduction of western goods may have resulted in changes in economic arrangements, marriage patterns, and, ultimately, warfare. A little information about how warfare started and its causes:…show more content…
However, the police force increased. So they concluded that the police force, even if they increased, had last its powers for several reasons. Also, these kiaps ( field officers ) has also lost their control over access to goods. And because the Enga ( maybe some tribe or whatever ) had attached great importance to trade-goods, they followed the kiaps and stop fighting. But because of their loss of control over those goods, they don't listen anymore. The Enga would stop fighting because they don't want to lose those things. Contemporary violence is sometimes thought to be a protest rising out of psychological strain created by the drastic social change of an imposed economic and political system. In a 1973 paper, Bill Standish describes the period leading up to independence as one of stress, tension, and insecurity. He argues that the fighting is an expression of primordial attachments in the face of political insecurity surrounding national independence from Australian colonial rule. It is also suggested that during the colonial period, expectations for the future included security, wealth, and the improvement of life. Disappointed that these goals have not been

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