Contemporary Young Adult Fiction : The Fault Of Our Stars And My Sister 's Keeper

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Contemporary young adult fiction is a genre of literature that generally takes on a story line concerning modern day teenagers facing the issues of the current times. This genre of novels is normally seen as more appealing to teenage girls because of the constant presentation and treatment of romance and death as topics of choice for authors of the genre. Two notable authors in this genre are John Green and Jodi Picoult, the authors of the two novels of exploration: The Fault in Our Stars and My Sister’s Keeper, respectively. The contemporary young adult fiction genre has a story line that highlights the characters and their development more than the development of the plot. The antagonist in this genre is more frequently becoming a force rather than an actual person – as seen in these two novels of study, where the antagonists are cancer and inevitably, the factor of time.
Death and romance are not only prevalent and important themes in contemporary young adult fiction but in literature in general; from Shakespearian plays to poetry to classic novels we see a constant recurrence of these themes. Authors of all genres use these themes as functional devices in their works to powerfully manipulate the reader’s emotions. The ways in which they are presented may have changed as literature has changed, the general idea, discussion and reaction by readers has not. This therefore makes for a reason as to why the genre is worthy of study; in order to see how the authors of this

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