Content Analysis : Using Content Based On The Impressions Of A Reader Essay

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The researcher selected the 10 samples for analysis purpose from the month of June 2103 to month of July 2014. (1) 2013 – June, (2) 2013 – July & August, (3) 2013 – September & October, (4) 2013 – November, (5) 2013 – December & 2014 January (6) 2014 – February & March, (7) 2014 – April, (8) 2014 – May (9) 2014 – June (10) 2014 – July The content analysis is a method. The content has different aspects for summarising any form of the content by counting. This analysis helps a more neutral evolution than comparing content based on the impressions of a reader. For example, an impressionistic summery of a magazine review it is an evaluation. The content that is analysed can be in any form to begin with, but has often converted into written words before it is analysed. The original source can be printed publications, broadcast programmes, other recordings or live situations. All this content is something that people have created. You cannot do content analysis of (say) the weather – but if somebody writes a report predicting the weather, you can do a content analysis of that. The number of Magazines fluctuate as do the number of readers and people of the Diocese to increasing accordingly . The Magazine revenue generated by the readers to buy their Magazine. Moreover, almost all are the readers all represents to the members of the diocese of the Dornakal. As Smyth “famously declared, the principle function of the mass
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