Content Area Literacy

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CONTENT AREA LITERACY IMPORTANCE Tracey Turner EDUC 525A Instructor: Craig Carter December 7, 2014 CONTENT AREA LITERACY IMPORTANCE Literacy is an important aspect for success in life in general. An individual’s success in the classroom, in their career, and in their quality of life is directly related to how literate that individual may be. Literacy is more than the ability to read, but how an individual uses written information to function in life. Literacy was traditionally thought of as just the ability to read and understand what has been read. Now, the term literacy is being thought of in terms as a much wider range of skills related to subjects such as science and math. Changes in society and advancements in…show more content…
There is no action to tell a story in an expository text. The reader needs to use strategies for harnessing and synthesizing the information in this type of text.” (Retrieved from In the classroom, regardless if early classroom or higher, it is always important for students to learn effective reading strategies regardless of the subject. Successful readers will learn early on to use these strategies in every subject. The teacher will help the students to develop before reading strategies, during reading strategies, and after reading strategies. Some of the successful pre-reading strategies that I have used have been skimming the selection, accessing prior knowledge, and learning vocabulary. In the second grade class I taught, we skimmed the story for words that may be unfamiliar to us and then used strategies such as context clues and apposition to figure out the meaning of those words. Some during-reading strategies include questions, infer, and summarize. I felt that summarizing the selection with the second grades, hitting key points, helped them to comprehend and understand the selection better. Summarizing is also an effective after-reading strategy along with re-reading, asking questions, and confirming predictions. An effective strategy that I used for vocabulary was to have the class together to think of a symbol that would
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