Essay Content Based Lesson on Energy

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#1 Watch your content-based lesson recording. Reflect on your content-based lesson teaching experience. Write what you did well, what you can improve, and what you learned about teaching and facilitating as a result of the experience.

In my content base lesson I was able to project my message clearly and state the objectives that were being covered. By reviewing this lesson I was able to determine what I did well, what I need to improve on, and what I can learn about teaching and facilitating. I was able to formulate a lesson plan that was used as a template for creating an effective presentation. I had a clear title for the lesson that was related to my content. The established objectives were essential in providing the audience with
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The practice of this technique will benefit my future career as a more effective presenter. The ability to create an outline, script, and PowerPoint presentation that meets specific objectives along with good transitions, are essential in communicating. During my career in Agricultural Education, I may want to lecture on agricultural development, which has many facets. Creating a content based lesson plan helps to focus on a specific objective. The knowledge I have attained from developing an outline, script, and PowerPoint presentation will crossover into my future endeavors. In the future, I will be more concise when preparing a proper presentation, by giving information that is direct and clear. Presenting requires practice. I can better serve my audience by providing short to the point sentences. Logic must support every presentation for the evidence to make sense to the audience. To ensure that my audience can reference new information throughout the discussion, I will summarize the main points strategically. Additionally, I will ask questions to ensure the audience has comprehended the information through activities, examples, and applications.

#3Compare and contrast spreadsheet and database software and the applications of both in the business or education setting.

In considering the various lectures covered in the modules of AGTM 432/532 the professor discussed software uses and applications through
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