Content Management : A Case Study

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2015 ITPG8.800
Enterprise Content Management

Assessment 3:
Case Study

Topic Content Management: A case study of Eastern Institute Of Technology

Authors Manu Jacob Iype & Vipin Vijayan Pillai

Version 11/2015
Table of Contents

1. Abstract 3
2. Introduction 4
3. Business Assessment 5
4. Technology Assessment 6
5. Taxonomy Design 7
6. Taxonomy Rationale 8
7. Conclusion 9

1. Abstract
2. Introduction

Enterprise content management, as defined by (AIIM, 2015), is the methods and tools used to collect, capture, store and retrieve the contents related to the organisational process. In other words it is the systematic collection and organisation of datas that is intended to be used by a defined audience (AIIM, 2015). EIT uses and manages a large amount of datas in various format and versions to run the business process of the organisation. Therefore it is important to store and manage these datas, so that it can be retrieved effectively when required for an organisational process.
The following study aims in study of the Business and the technical operations of EIT and to design a taxonomy accordingly to implement the same in a SharePoint. This helps the organisation to store the contents effectively and in order with the easiness to retrieve when required. An organised content management and retrieval can help in the smooth running of the process in EIT.…

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