Content Management Systems ( Cms ) 4

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Contents Executive Summary / Purpose of document 3 Content Management Systems (CMS) 4 What is a CMS? 4 Why it’s suitable to use one for this project 4 Content Management System Comparisons 5 Wordpress 5 Features 5 Requirements 5 Suitability 5 Security 5 Stability 6 Compliance 6 End User Experience 6 Joomla 7 Features 7 Requirements 7 Suitability 7 Security 7 Stability 7 Compliance 7 End User Experience 7 Drupal 8 Features 8 Requirements 8 Suitability 8 Security 8 Stability 8 Compliance 9 End User Experience 9 Content Management System Recommendation 10 References 11 Executive Summary / Purpose of document This report will present a full overview of three main content management systems that I have chosen for this particular assessment. These CMS’ include; Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. This report will be written at a professional standard that will be aimed to be presented to the client. Each part of this report will be structured in a manner that is easy to read and will have each CMS with its key features and explanations. The main goal of this report is to show why CMS’ are useful in situations like the one in this project and to show the effectiveness of each CMS individually and compared against each other. In this report I will be involving myself in each of my chosen CMS’ and learning the strengths and weaknesses of each one. To do this I will be finding sources online from other users that have experienced the content management system and will be learning
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