Content Marketing For Business Marketing

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Content Marketing Definition. Content marketing, especially in the business to business marketing environment, is a relatively new term and concept. A common definition that has been used to describe content marketing came from Joe Pulizzi the founder of the Content Marketing Institute. Pulizzi defines content marketing as “the marketing and business process used to create and distribute relevant and valuable content to a target audience.” The process should attract, acquire and engage the audience while clearly marketing a product or service. Content marketing should use all possible channels (print, social media, web based, interview, or in-person) to achieve the goal of establishing their brand status and a relationship with the customer. (Pulizzi, 2012) Holliman and Rowley give additional information to elaborate on the concept of content marketing. Any information that has been put on a business’s website is content marketing, and anything on the page that users are there to see and use to learn about the business. Content in any form should be created and used to tell the brand’s story and the story of their product or service they are offering. Not only should it tell the story, it should also focus on creating a valuable experience to draw in and retain customers. (Holliman & Rowley, 2014)
B2B Content Marketing and Statistics. Business to business marketing faces challenges not found in the business to consumer environment. As stated in the B2B Environment and…
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