Content Marketing : Online Shopping ( E Commerce )

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At the beginning of the 1990’s many companies launched a company website to promote their goods and services. These websites were mainly static with content never being updated thus doing very little to generate business or keep customers engaged. With the launch of online shopping (e-commerce) and a move towards buying from the comfort of one’s home, buyers’ required descriptive copy to be written for items they wanted to purchase. With the introduction of search engines, in particular, Google, these enabled searchers to quickly find information on any topic by simply typing in some keywords. By the early 2000’s marketers started writing for search engines by producing good quality content relevant to their search terms. This was the start of the age of Content Marketing. ( Content marketing consists of creating and distributing non-branded, high-value content with the intention of driving long-term customer engagement. Content Marketing is a key tool in most Marketers’ arsenal with 93% stating they use content in lead generation campaigns ( 86% of marketing decision-makers admit that their content is only somewhat effective at creating business value. One reason is most marketers create content without a cohesive strategy. (Forrester) According to Forrester, 74% of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online via websites, online searches and digital content before making a
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