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Contents Introduction 2 Definition of Marketing 2 Marketing Concept 2 Production Orientation 2 Sales Orientation 3 Market Orientation 3 Marketing Process 3 Market Analysis 4 Selecting Target market 5 Marketing Mix overview 6 Implementation and Control 7 Strategy Control 8 Difference between Business and consumer Markets (B2B vs. B2C) 9 B2B (business-to-business) marketing 9 B2C (business to consumer) marketing 9 Comparison between H&M and Zara 11 How Marketing Mix helps in achieving organisations objectives 16 Executive Summary 17 Current market situation analysis 17 Internal analysis 17 External analysis 18 Porter 's five forces analysis 18 SWOTS analysis 19 Marketing objectives 21 Market segmentation 21 Identification 22 Market Target…show more content…
Bentley. The product idea is the oldest in the industry. Consumers prefer goods that are extensively available/low-priced concentrating on high assembly efficiency, low cost and mass circulation. Sales Orientation A companies’ approach/philosophy that primarily focuses on advertising sales of anything it produces or distributes throughout marketing and sales calls, as opposed to product orientation. Effective management of the affiliation between company and shoppers define its accomplishment of sales and or selling. Generating value for consumers. “Selling concept: The idea that consumers are not capable to make decisions on their own to buy products or services. Stresses a mind-set of constant pressure to make sales” Market Orientation A company uses Market Orientation to organise its activities products and services around its customers wants needs. In the case of H&M it is seen that the company follows the philosophy, as H&M focus on the needs and wants of their customers before creating their products. Constantly monitoring customer’s desires and quality changing their products and services to what best suits their customers. “Putting the customers 1st and the customer is always right”. H&M recognises the ongoing dip in the world’s economy and recognises that it is becoming harder to buy expensive fashionable clothing. So, it is H&Ms concept of trendy fashionable clothing but within reach of the common man. H&M have a

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