Contents. Introduction2. Strengths4. Obstacles4. External

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Introduction 2
Strengths 4
Obstacles 4
External Obstacles 4
Internal Obstacles 4
Challenges 5
1. Contract Outcomes 5
2. Guidelines 5
3. Roles and Responsibilities 6
4. Appropriate Distribution of Academic and Non-Academic Responsibilities 7
5. Communication and Coordination 8
Appendix 1: Diagrams 9

The Instituto Superior Tecnológico de las Fuerzas Armadas de Perú (IESTPFFAA) signed an agreement with Fanshawe College to provide technical assistance in educational management. This project represents the first international experience the College has in working with other Countries to provide management and educational training, and mapping and dual credentials.
The execution of this project has faced challenges
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3. The project has increased the College’s international and domestic brand recognition (4). However, it is still necessary to strength corporate marketing strategy to recognize the capacity of the College to perform (international) business projects (1).
Team members identified internal and external obstacles that difficult the deliveries of outcomes. Without adequate mitigation strategies, these obstacles imposed risks in the deliveries of the project.
External Obstacles
1. Remain in compliance with Ontario MAESD and the Country (Peru) Ministry of Education policies (4). For instance, could the College deliver credentials in another language or could the Peruvian Institute provide other than three-year advanced diplomas?
2. Business culture in other countries and in the Institution the College has a partnership with (6). Understanding the business culture allows the College to design a project that includes delays in responses, customizes roles or defines mitigation strategies if leadership roles changed.
3. The economic, social, technological and political characteristics of the Country affect the deliveries of the contract (3). For example, the Institute learning outcome programs are shaped by the technological characteristics (e.g. not delivering Cisco technology) which put a limit on how the Institute could change curricula to align with the College credentials.
Internal Obstacles
1. Ability to work in another language in a
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