Contents Of A Dead Man 's Pocket

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“Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket” The short story, “Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket” is a simply told story, of a man, Tom Benecke who is faced with many decisions in a short amount of time. One night when he is trying to work, one of his more important sheet of notes flies out of his apartment into the dark abyss of New York but it caught by the ledge outside of his room. As his greed and hunger for business status and money take over his mind and body, he finds himself on the edge of his apartment trying to retrieve a paper necessary for finishing his work. While outside, he begins to reevaluate the truly important things in his life and realizes that his work should be second behind only his family and his new wife. Through the series of events that occurs, the readers are able to see Tom’s transformation from a dedicated, self-centered business man, to a loving, supportive husband. The story begins with Tom having to make a choice, going to the movies with his new wife, or staying at his home to unnecessarily finish his work. He decides to stay home and work on his project which makes him someone of a "hot-guilty conscience" so he opens up the window to cool himself off. He has a "hot guilty conscience" because he knows that he should be going to the movie but makes the wrong decision instead. When his wife is leaving she states "you wanted to see it, too." Although the readers know that this is true, he stays home anyway in hopes of finishing a project that
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