'Contents Of The Dead Man's Pocket'

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The working class can relate to the theme of the short story “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket,” by Jack Finney. More often than not, people strive to get to the top of their profession, but at what cost? The majority of people spend countless hours of their life working to provide for themselves and their loved ones. The irony of working all these hours to provide for your loved ones is that you will not see them nearly as much as desired because of work. In my opinion, the above passage is important to the story because Tom is now inside lying on the floor as a new man who knows what is important in life. Tom works for Wholesale Groceries and has been spending most of his free time off of work doing research on grocery store displays. The only copy of his research flies out of the window of his tenth story apartment due to a draft. In this moment, readers discover how obsessed Tom really is with work: “He knew he was going out there in the darkness, after the yellow sheet fifteen feet beyond his reach” (page 4). At this point in time, Tom is willing to risk everything, including his life, to ensure that he can elevate above his coworkers. This perilous behavior is the complete opposite from the Tom we read about in the above passage from the end of the story. Tom transitions from chasing a paper out on a ledge ten stories up, to laughing at the same paper flying back out of the window. Tom undergoes character growth throughout the story, but it is the most
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