Context Analysis : The Rose Garden

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Team 212 Context Analysis Every organization faces many factors from the outside environment that can become threats or opportunities. In reference to the organization The Rose Garden, some of these outside factors are more apparent then others. The Economic, Technological, Sociocultural, Political, and Demographic external forces are just a few of the more apparent impacts on The Rose Garden. Economic Economic factors impact an organization because the economy naturally determines when the best time would be for your organization to expand or contract, and the economy will effect the service industry because of customers having the money to spend. The level of unemployment in the economy drives the hiring or firing decisions an…show more content…
After some quick searching on the Internet, we have located the website for The Rose Garden. The owner of The Rose Garden expressed his concern with the need for his business to expand its marketing and online presence. Having a website is a key component for making your business known, making it accesable to more people, allowing people to see reviews. Sociocultural Sociocultural factors relate to the idea that a manager needs to give people close to what they are expecting when selling a product or service. If customers are expecting high quality and delicious food, or manageable prices, it is the duty of the manager or even owner to give this to the consumer. In an interview with the owner a question about the core values of the organization arose; The Rose Garden’s owner responded “The organizations core values are to have dedicated service, to serve high quality delicious food and to keep prices manageable for all families to be able to celebrate special events in their lives.”. Another aspect of culture is the customs of marriage. In America the culture expectation of getting married is shifting. This clearly concerns the owner as something that has to be watched in the future of the business. The owner stated that with less couples getting married it is of the upmost importance to provide the ones that are getting married with the best service. This shows the need for an owner to
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