Context Analysis of British Airways Essay

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1.0 Context Analysis of British Airways
In order to understand an organisations key market and communication drivers which will in turn influence how their brand is perceived by consumers, analysing the context of its current marketing communications instalments is essential (Fill, 2006). Fill highlights 4 key stages for context analysis: Customer, Business, Internal and External which are crucial in order to form a marketing communications plan. Context | Dimensions | The Customer
-Brand Awareness, perceptions & attitudes-Segmentation criteria | British Airways is an added value airline with a leadership brand that charges a premium. They target an array of affluent citizens, consisting of predominantly ABC1’s, willing to pay
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1995). Although some researchers argue that service quality is an individual judgement, defined purely by the customer about the excellence or superiority of a service provider’s performance (A. Finn, 2005), brand image and how the service is communicated to consumers still appears to be the most effective form of customer loyalty; with 59% of consumers admitting to utilizing a particular service through advertisements seen on the television, billboards etc (P. Edelin, 2011). This is as a result of the promise/proposition the brand provides that specific service to a set of consumers; thus British Airways should aim to maintain a strong brand identity in order to preserve long-term customer loyalty, as well as maintain a nationwide appeal in order to reduce overall perceived risk (Sweeney, 2000). This combined with a thoughtful and high quality service to ensure customer satisfaction, will not only encourage positive word of mouth communication amongst targeted consumers (Siddiqi, 2011), but increase the customer’s willingness to purchase the service (Shostack, 1977). | Business Context
-Corporate and Marketing strategy,
-Brand analysis,
-Competitor Analysis,
-Supply Chain | British Airways’ corporate and marketing strategies over the years have seen the brand shift to a privately owned premium airline service provider,
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