Context And Problem / Opportunity

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I. Context and Problem/Opportunity (~100 words)

Youngcare as an NGO (non-government organization) needs volunteers and monetary donations to help some young Aussies for avoiding acknowledgment to aged care currently (Youngcare, 2016). However, the CEO of Volunteering Australia mentioned that government decides decrease the budgets on volunteers program for next four years (Williams et al., 2016). Meanwhile, Australian government plans to cut about $800M in supporting charity medical services (Trio, Trio, Goodman, & Baxter, 2016). Although, Youngcare has a few volunteers and some monetary donations, this realistic situation and related policies are in harmful to its development. Thus, there are some marketing strategies to get more people’s attention and help by analyzing consumer behavior, especially the generation Y.

II. Literature Review (~500 words)

Globally, the numbers of people who are aged 18 to 65 need a lasting for care with suitable accommodations and services because of the weighty illness, disability and hurt (Muenchberger, Ehrlich, Kendall, & Vit, 2012). Australia is not unexpected. Currently, there are over 6500 adults aged under 65 in the Australian aged center, and nearly 700 adults are under age 50, and about more 200 people also are under aged 50 prepared going into aged center annual (Kirby, 2011). More and more adults under age 65 need more suitable accommodations options (Bostock & Gleeson, 2004). Youngcare offers a charity service, which is a…
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