Context, Dfd & Flowchart Essay

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1) Draw a context diagram for the expenditure cycle for AB Hi-Fi


Purchase Requisition

Quote Purchase Order


AB Hi-Fi Expenditure cycle


Supplier Payment Details

Items Delivered Delivery Docket Accepts / Rejects Delivery

Delivery Driver

Prepare a level 0 DFD for the expenditure cycle at AB Hi-Fi

Purchase Clerk
Monitors stock levels Completed Purchase Requisition Inventory Purchase Requisition Approved Purchase Requisition

Purchase Manager
1.0 Demand for Goods

Commence ordering on receipt of approved purchase requisition

2.0 OrderingG oods

Requests list of approved suppliers

Purchase Clerk

Quotes sent

Opens Requisition

Requests for quotes

Purchase Requisition
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Supplier invoice with PO No. Accounts Payable Data Store

Accounts Payable Clerk
Payment File

Monitors Stock Levels via predefined reorder points and quantities for each inventory item

2 Delivery Docket

Stock levels drop to reorder points and automatically generates a purchase requisition

2 Delivery Docket
Approved Suppliers

Good Received Report

Warehouse Clerk

AP clerk enters PO number from invoice into the computer

Forwarded to

Whether to reorder goods listed on Purchase

Approved suppliers email quotes to Purchase Clerk

Warehouse clerk enters PO number from delivery docket into the computer

Goods Receiving Clerk

AB Hi-Fi's Bank / Bank Account

Decides on Supplier PO Data Store
Purchase Requisition Log on to computer and opens relevant purchase requisition Extracts PO status from PO data store

PO Data Store Retreives previous day's completed goods received report Inputs PO No. from goods received report into the computer
Extracts PO status from PO data store

Transfers money from bank account to relevant suppliers in accordance with details in the payments file

Relevant Suppliers

Decision made to reorder, cancel , amend.

Select option to create PO by ticking on a

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