Context Of Classroom And Research Questions Essay

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Context of Classroom and Research Questions
Learning the four stages of action research will help plan for an appropriate project. They are the planning, acting, developing and reflecting stages (Mertler, 2014). Mertler said that "action research is characterized as research that is done by teachers for themselves"( Mertler, 2014, p. 4). Obtaining information that is authentic and trustworthy using the scientific method seems to be a useful strategy for solving problems in one 's class. I like this approach since I am a science teacher.
I have started my 21st year of teaching. I have taught at Science Hill High School (SHHS) in Johnson City, TN for the last 14 years. Each year there I have taught Honors 9th-grade Biology and the last two years I have added 10th-grade college-prep (CP) Biology. This school is the only city high school in town. The population of SHHS is 2,201. I found that the population was 86% white, 12.4% black, 7% Hispanic, 3% Asian, and the other 2% were a combination of American Indian, Alaska Native, or a combination of two or more races (U.S. Department of Education, 2016). The state of Tennessee has a 17.6% poverty rate (Population Reference Bureau, 2014). I teach the students for half of the year in a block class of an hour and a half each day.
First Steps
The first step of the Action research process guide is to identify the nagging problem or dilemma (Laureate Education, 2015). After completing the last two Walden courses

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