Contexts That Shape Social Work Practice

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Contexts that Shape Social Work Practice Social work agencies strive to provide access to services that promote well-being for those most in need in society. Different agencies may vary in regard to their specific purposes, missions, or foundations. Two agencies that provide assistance in diverse ways to individuals in need are the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and The Mayhill Hospital. The following discussion will explore comparisons and contrasts between these agencies with regard to their focuses, interventions, and roles. Focuses The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and the Mayhill hospital have in common a concern for the welfare of society. However, the two agencies differ with regard to their specific focuses. The Mayhill Hospital specifically provides mental health services for the area of Denton, Texas. It is a private psychiatric hospital that specializes in the provision of therapy for mental health issues and rehabilitative treatment for chemical dependency. The population served by the hospital includes adults and senior citizens. Some of the programs offered by the hospital include therapy for mental health disorders, treatment for sleep disorders, counseling, suicide prevention, and chemical dependency programs. The care provided by the services offered by the Mayhill Hospital is compassionate, supportive, and is designed to meet each patient's unique and individual needs. In comparison, the Texas Department
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