Contexts of Metropolis and 1984

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Contexts of Metropolis and 1984 Metropolis Russian revolution, November 1917 Socialists led by Lenin and Trotsky overthrow imperial order and execute Tsar and his family in July 1918 Revolutionary socialism seen as alternate political system to capitalism Huge amount of mutinies and strikes especially from the army who were weakened from war with Germany and did not feel like they had the capacity to shut down the outbreak Socialists had support from lower classes and political left with the Provisional Government holding state power leading to a period of dual power ensuing World War I Germany had to pay off large amounts of reparations money and debt as a result of its defeat in WWI Workers suffered as the ones who had to labour…show more content…
In addition, Britain lost its status as the world super power with a weakened military and economy after two World Wars in less than half a century Notes from lesson Metropolis has optimism towards the ends which 1984 lacks Metropolis after WW1 so people thought there would never be a war like that again so people were optimistic and ideal about the future Inter-war period of relative peace and prosperity After this, Great Depression starting in 1929 Germany started late in 1925 as busy paying of war reparations so things were looking bright for
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