Contextual Analysis Of Anorexia Nervosa

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Distressed eating is highly associated in the type of problems reported to clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. Not only is it recognised in many western industrialised societies; it is also increasing in non western-countries too (Cromby, Harper & Reavey, 2013). It is said that western societies are rapidly developing; industrial societies have become obsessed with dieting and exercising.
The main distressed eating this essay will focus on is anorexia nervosa, carrying out a contextual analysis due to the seen increase in cultures, and the where abouts.

“eating disorders are a significant mortality and morbidity in young people in modern industrialised societies.

The first description of anorexia nervosa came from clinician Ernest-Charles Lasegue and Sir William Wither Gull. Both of these believed that anorexia occurred predominantly in females; commonly girls and young women. Their categorists they described are still used today, e.g severe weight lost (Brownell &
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In this there are now three criterions A, B and C briefly; Criterion A- focuses on behaviours, restriction of Restriction of energy intake (in context with age, sex, development trajectory and physical health), Criterion B - intense fear of gaining weight even when currently underweight and Criterion C - denial of how serious their current body weight is (American Psychiatric Association, 2013.Previously DSM-IV contained a criterion D which include amenorrhea (was also included in Lasegue and Gulls categories), but now there is an increase in male diagnosis, and it can not be applied to the, this has been removed . Psychological issues such as, mild depression, anxiety are common in people with anorexia nervosa, developing builimia after being diagnoses with anorexia is not uncommon either (Bennett,
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