Contextual Factors Affecting The Classroom

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Contextual Factors A. Contextual Factors in the Classroom: 1. General Information: a. Course: Earth Science (2 classes) b. Approximate Age of Students: 13-14 years c. Class Size: Class 1 = 12, class 2 = 13 d. Class Schedule: 4 days a week, 52 minutes per day. 2. Community: Glenns Ferry is a small rural town in southern Idaho with a population of approximately 1,611. The community also supports the surrounding areas of Hammett, population 922 and King Hill, population 409. The community of Glenns Ferry and its surrounding areas is mostly comprised of farms and farm related businesses. Recently a wind turbine company has set up base in the community, but employs very few people. As a whole, the community has very little interest in the academics of the school. There are very few people willing to substitute or volunteer at the schools. Most of the support and interest is for athletics. The current school board declined asking for a levy to help with desperately needed textbooks and technology update. 3. District: The Glenns Ferry School District includes the surrounding areas of King Hill and Hammett with a total population of 4,206. In the last 7-8 years the district has been in severe financial trouble with many teaching positions being discontinued, such as band, music, art, wood shop, ESL, and Spanish, as well as cutting down on core subject teachers and paraprofessionals. This has caused the district to be unable to offer many elective classes in the middle and high
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