Contextual Inquiry

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Contextual inquiry is developed by Beyer and Holtzblatt (1988). The data is collected through contextual inquiry. Contextual inquiry is a qualitative study from various field such as psychology, anthropology and sociology (Ghasemifard, Shamsi, Kenari, & Ahmadi, 2015). Therefore contextual inquiry method is carried out to assist the cognitive performance among users. The first step taken is to observe users based on the usability testing methods in their cognitive performance while using the app. Then questions are asked based on the existing problem discovered and the process taken by users in completing their task through the app. There are four evaluators that participated in this study to observe the usability of the application created and at the same time to jot down different performances that may occur simultaneously in terms of their cognitive actions. According to the International Organisation for Standardization (1998), the usability testing mode is used to measure the effectiveness, efficiency, responses (Bastien, 2010) and satisfaction among the users. Usability testing is carried out to measure the performance of user while using the app. The app is the prototype that will be tested. The measurement of the performance includes…show more content…
Contextual inquiry focuses on structured interviews although unstructured interviews were also carried out in the beginning of the interview session. There are three principles of contextual inquiry investigated such as the understanding of users in their task performance, users are also a part of the research design process and the usability design process (Ghasemifard, Shamsi, Kenari & Ahmadi, 2015). Meanwhile, the behaviors of the users are observed and recorded in order to identify design flaws that causes user errors or difficulties (Bastien, 2010) in the application
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