Contextualized Church Model Paper

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In the situation of addressing poverty in the local community and with Missiological quest, we have to develop a contextualized church model that provides a holistic approach. I will borrow the concept from the mission from Chinese Christian Community that "To bring the Church to the people, then bring people back to the Church". I proposed to a contextualized church model with emphasis on go to the people and bring people back to the church. This model will provide a balance view of proclamation of the gospel reaching out to poor and also teaching them as discipleship and bringing them back to the church to worship together and be a testimony of the church and the people as salt and light. The church will instead of staying within the four…show more content…
We are reaching out to the community of the poor which may have a negative of the church and be shameful to be involved in the church. Christians will go out to the poor, has social involvement to improve the poor and proclamation of the kingdom of God to come. For the second emphasis of the model, "bring people to the church", Christians are encouraged to bring the people back to the church to have worship together to form a covenant community. This will allow those Christians, who hesitate or because of health reason to reach out, still enjoy the fruitfulness of mission and as the body of Christ to be in covenant community. This model will see the reality of God's reign in covenant community, witness and service.

Our call to show care and concern and to work with communities and individuals to develop and just and caring pattern or system reflects who God is. With a different culture context, we should reach out to the poor. To address the poor in the local community, I propose a contextualized church model with the emphasis of going to the people and bringing the people to the
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